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naruto and the horrible pain of death part 3

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Old 01-18-2009, 02:33 AM
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Default naruto and the horrible pain of death part 3

this is the third part of my story naruto horrible pain of death i hope u enjoy i work hard on it so please be nice and stuff thanks

naruto saw orochimaro and he sad ah! he was about to kill orochimaro when sasuke said wait! then naruto said "why?!" sasuke said... "he is my... boyfriend!" and naruto said "EWWWW WHAT THE" and orichimaro said "yesssssssssssss" with his snake tounge and naruto was really sick and barfed out of the tree they were in. then sasuke said im "sorry naruto... but u must... DIE!" naruto said oh no, what we were freinds!" but then out of the nowhere, hinata came from somewhere! she said, "dont worry naruto i am coming to save the day, but hinata was kind of wimpy and not that strong. naruto said, "you can do it!" but sasuke punched her in the face and broker her teeth and her face and she landed very far down below....

naruto saw this and was very MAD. his hair went on fire.... and sasuke and orohicmaro said, what is this?! and naruto was talking but it looked like he was talking to himself like he was crazy but he wasnt he was talking to the fox in his head.

the fox said. "what do you want naruto let me out of this cage so i can go and eat poeple and the world! huuuurg" but naruto said give me ur power! so he did

and then... NARUTO BECAME NARUTO FIRE FOX! naruto said, "woaaaargghh! time to die for making hinata dieee!" and orochimaro jumped in the way to protect sasuke and he was swalloed whole so naruto choked him out and chewed him up this time and then swalloed him! SASUKE SAID NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! he was very very angry! he turned into DEMON EYE SASUKE!" THEN BEGAN THE FINAL BATTLE!

to be continued...
Closed Thread


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