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Chapter 582: Nothing

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Old 04-10-2012, 10:09 AM
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Default Chapter 582: Nothing

Discuss about chapter 582 here!
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Old 04-10-2012, 10:27 AM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

hello every body ive found a prediction for the two next chapters in the net
and i enjoyed reading it, i hope you so

Naruto ch.582: Itachi’s decision.

Credit goes to Vishnu

The panel shows Itachi and Sasuke facing Kabuto.

Kabuto: Izanami? I never heared of that.
Itachi: I’m not surprised. Only two Uchihas in the history were able to use it. And both of them did it in a great secret.
Kabuto: Who? Who use it?
Itachi: Uchiha Madara, and Uchiha Izuna.
Sasuke: Brother…what do we do next?
Itachi: Stay behind me Sasuke. I will stop Kabuto personally.*
Kabuto smiles: If you can.
Kabuto makes a handsign and launches countless snakes towards Itachi. Sasuke makes a jump, draws his sword and streams electricity through it. He slashes the snakes instantly. The next second he appears above Kabuto making handsigns.
Sasuke as he points his hand at Kabuto: Blaze Release! Personal inferno!
He launches from his palm a beam of dark flames. Kabuto just vanishes, thus avoiding the flames.
Kabuto laughs maniacally as he appears in the air.
Kabuto: You cannot defeat me! My senses are far better then yours!
Suddenly Sasuke appears in front of him. The panel only shows Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan eyes with a determined look.
Sasuke: You still forget that my Sharingan can predict your movements.
Sasuke slashes Kabuto’s shoulder in one move. Kabuto falls on the ground wounded, but in the next second he already regenerated.
Kabuto: Heh…i also posses high regeneration powers. You simply cannot win, Uchiha Sasuke.
Itachi: Indeed. Not with those kind of attacks.
Kabuto: Oh, so you think that you could do better, Itachi?*
Itachi smiles: I already did. Come here Sasuke. It’s over.
Kabuto: What the..
He suddenly stops and gains a shocked expression on his face. He remains still and loses the focus in his eyes.
Sasuke surprised: What happend?!?
Itachi: Izanami…the power to decide one’s fate, at the cost of losing the light in my eye forever.
Itachi’s right eye slowly closes.
Sasuke:But what does it do?
Itachi: It’s exactly the opposite of Izanagi. It doesn’t turn the reality into an illusion…but the illusions into reality. If i imagine that Kabuto will lose a leg right now, in the next second his leg vanishes. It bends the reallity according to my imagination. As i previously said, only two people were able to use it before me. It requires a great deal of chakra, the eye sacrifice and a powerful will. Only the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan can use it once with losing the light in the eye.
Sasuke: And what did you imagine for Kabuto?
Itachi: Something simple..something that would allow me to control him. I caught him in a Tsukuyomi. And he can never evade it, because that’s how i imagined this Tsukuyomi. It’s the ultimate secret of the Sharingan. Now, i can use the Tsukuyomi to make him release all the Edos. It’s over.
Sasuke:You promised something, brother. This time you will keep your word.
Itachi: I guess so. What do you want to know, Sasuke?
Sasuke: Everything…
Itachi: Fine…as you know…i was a prodigy in our clan. Nobody could be like me. Our father, Fugaku…he planned a coup d’etat against Konoha. Shisui Uchiha suspected that something wasn’t right. And something was indeed wrong.From a calm and rational man, our father transformed into a man filled with hate, anger and disgust. He placed me into the ANBU in order to spy for him. But the elders were also suspecting something. They’ve made me a double agent and gave me the mission to eliminate the clan. I had no choice. The memories of the previous war…it’s horrible Sasuke. And in a war…they are all guilty. I didn’t wish that a civil war would emerge in Konoha. It would have destroyed us. I talked with Shisui. He understood quickly what it meant a civil war between the Uchihas and the other clans. The Third Hokage, tried to negotiate a pact but he failed. Our dad, was deaf to every proposition that the Hokage made to him…Sarutobi was a good man…he did everything he could to avoid a war. He protected you all these years…anyway…as the Hokage was trying to negotiate, Danzo took action. He managed to steal one Sharingan from Shisui, and he gravely injured him. Shisui came to me, half dead. He was beyond healing. He told me that if i killed him…as a friend…if i released him from the pain…i will gain a power beyond the regular Sharingan. I did as he asked me. And, as i gained the Mangekyou Sharingan, i was able to uncover why was our father acting so strange. It was Tobi…he orchestrated everything. He was controling our father so a war would break out. I tried to stop him but i was unable. He saw the power that i had and made a deal with me. If i killed all the Uchiha, he would leave Konoha alone. He was the man behind everything. Behind the Kyuubi’s attack, behind our clan’s massacre…everything was orchestrated by him. I killed our clan that night, and i went to the Akatsuki in order to spy them. That’s the truth Sasuke. It’s not the elders fault…but Tobi’s. He did it.
Sasuke: Thank you brother.
Itachi: Tell me something, Sasuke…how did you end up fighting Danzo?
Sasuke: It’s a long story. He had multiple Sharigans implanted in his right arm. He used Izanagi with each of them.
Itachi: And what happend to him?
Sasuke: He is dead. I killed him that day.
Itachi thinking: He is on another level…let’s see how he will answer.
Itachi looks at Sasuke with his remaining eye.
Itachi: And…what now Sasuke?
Sasuke with a determined look: Now? I will make them pay. The elders…and Tobi.!

The scene shows the Kages surrounded by Madara clones.

Madara looks at them and for a second his eyes loses their focus.*
Madara: Interesting. The caster is no longer holding us. I can break free from his control.
Madara suddenly releases his clones. The Kages are surprised.
Tsunade: What’s happening!?!
Madara: It seems that i don’t have to play with you anymore. Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Izanami!!!
Madara’s whole body slowly vanishes. A beam of light is seen and hos body is recomposed atom by atom. He is alive again and has the EMS in his eyes!
Gaara looks at him.
Gaara: Impossible! He is alive!
Raikage: He…he revived himself!!!
Tsunade shocked: That’s beyond any healing techniques!
Madara as he makes some complexe handsigns: Izanami…the power to make illusions reality…only me and my brother are able to use this jutsu. It’s the ultimate Uchiha secret!…hmpf..and now…it’s time to end this!!!

The scene it’s switched back to Itachi and Sasuke.

Itachi: So that’s your choice Sasuke?
Sasuke: Exactly.
Itachi turns around and looks at Kabuto. Kabuto, being under Itachi’s control makes a couple of handsings, releasing the Edos.
Itachi turns around and looks at Sasuke as he is starting to slowly vanish.
Sasuke: You…you released the Edo Tensei?
Itachi: I did…i will go in a few moments.
He looks sad at Sasuke with his only eye.
Itachi: And it seems that…there will be only darkness for me on the other side…farewell, Sasuke…there won’t be another next time…and i’m sorry…for everythig.
Sasuke: What do you mean that there won’t be any light for you?
Itachi ignores him, as he fades away and talks to himself: Izanami…the power to decide one’s destiny…maybe i’m just a fool…farewell Sasuke…and i’m sorry…but it’s worth the shot…Izanami!
Itachi thinking: It wasn’t the best life…but i did all that i could do…the rest is up to you Sasuke. I’m finally content…
Itachi’s left eye slowly closes itself, being sealed forever.
Sasuke gains a shocked expression on his face as Itachi unleashes the jutsu and in the next second he fades away.
Sasuke shocked: What have you done, brother?!?
He suddenly notices something.
Sasuke thinking: I must hurry!
He leaves the cave. The panel shows Kabuto on the ground still uncouncious.

The panel shows Madara unleashing several smaller meteors against the Kages. They are barely escaping the attacks. They are all five tired.

Madara keeps attacking them. Gaara manages to rise a wall of sand that he sends against the Uchiha. But Madara uses a fire jutsu and destroyes it. Onooki releases a dust cube at him, and Madara simply evades it. The Raikage attempts to strike him, but Madara simply catches his punch, spins him around, hits his chest throwing the Kage in air, and hits him with a full force fire ball. Mei jumps and catches him. Tsunade appears behind Madara and she tries to hit him, but Madara catches her leg and throws her on the ground. Madara slowly approaches her, drawing his sword.*
Madara: Senju Tsunade…it’s time to put an end to the Senju dinasty.
Madara makes a swing with the sword and moves it towards Tsunade’s neck, trying to decapitate her. It’s heared a clash and the panel shows each Kage shocked faces.
Madara also surprised: And who are you?
Tsunade with a shocked voice: I cannot belive this!
The panel shows Sasuke in front of Madara. He protected Tsunade by clashing his own sword with Madara’s.
Sasuke: I’m Uchiha Sasuke of the Leaf. And you will not kill the Hokage under my eyes!

The end.
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Old 04-10-2012, 10:29 AM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

and now chapter 583

Naruto 583 : The battle of Generations.

The panel shows Sasuke facing Madara. The other Kages are stunned by Sasuke’s sudden appearence. Both Madara and Sasuke have the regular Sharingan in their eyes.

Madara smiles: Heh…a fellow Uchiha.
Sasuke: And you are?
Madara: My name is Madara. Uchiha Madara.*
Sasuke surprised: You’re the real Madara? Then, what about Tobi?
Madara: Tobi? Heh, that’s the name that he goes by now…he is my allied.*
Sasuke: It doesn’t matter actually…i’m here to stop you.*
Madara: Do you think that you have the power, kiddo?
Sasuke: Hmpf…the legendary Uchiha Madara…it will be quite a feat to take you down. But i’m sure that i can do it!
Tsunade: Sasuke! What are doing here?!? What’s the meaning of this?
Sasuke: I’m here, because my brother wanted this. Don’t complain. If it wasn’t for me, you would be dead right now. Now…let’s cut the talking.*
Madara smiles and makes a few steps back.
Madara: Indeed. Tell me brat…where is the rest of our clan?
Sasuke smiles: The rest of the clan…is dead! I’m the only member alive!
Madara surprised: Dead?!? Hmm…interesting…it seems that he couldn’t forget how they betrayed me. So…you must be the most powerful exponent of the clan then.*
Sasuke: Exactly.
Madara: Hmpf…prepare yourself brat! Here we go!
Madara quickly changes his stance and makes handsigns.
Madara: Fire release! *Majestic power!
Madara releases from his mouth a giant wall of fire. In an instant Sasuke jumps over it, making handsigns.
Sasuke: Fire release! Pillars of pain!
Several pillars of fire emerges from the ground. Madara avoids them all and regains his posture. But, as he regains it, Sasuke is already in front of him being ready to strike him down with a chidori sword. Madara dodges the attack and tries to kick Sasuke. Sasuke catches Madara’s leg with his left hand, he pushes himself up, using Madara’s right leg as a ledge, he jumps above Madara, spins in the air and delivers a Lion kick. Madara blocks the attack using his two hands. The hit pushes the Uchiha a few centimeters into the ground. At the same moment Sasuke channels the electricity from his sword, creating at the tip of the blade a chidori whip. He swings it and tries to hit Madara’s back. Madara pushes Sasuke up using his hands and barely dodges the whip. But it’s to late, because Sasuke used the momentum to release a dragon fire projectile at Madara. The attack hits him at full force and it creates dust and smoke. As the smoke clears up the panel shows Madara enveloped in a partial Susano’o.
Madara: I cannot belive that you pushed me into using Susano’o.*
The panel reveals Madara, who activated his EMS. He quickly deactivates it, remaining with only the regular Sharingan.
Madara: But of course that you shouldn’t know about it. Only me and my brother achieved the Mangekyou Sharingan. But based on my fight with the Kages…i deduced that they’ve already seen Susano’o before. So tell me Sasuke…why are you not using the Mangekyou Sharingan? And don’t lie to me, because i can see the disturbances in your chakra.
Sasuke: Because i don’t have the Mangekyou Sharingan. My brother had it.
Madara: You’ve spoken the truth. But where is your brother?
Sasuke: He died.
Madara: Interesting…the sole survivor of the mighty Uchiha clan..if i kill you, i will destroy the last memory of our clan. But you seem so determined to die…tough choice.
Sasuke: Have you thought that i might kill you?
Madara smiles ironically: Get real brat. You cannot kill me with a regular Sharingan. Not even if you had the Mangekyou you wouldn’t stand a chance. My experience on the battlefield is superior to yours. I spent all my life fighting. What have you done? You’re just a child.
Sasuk smiles as he launches countless fire projectiles at Madara. The Uchiha dodges them all.
Madara: Let me show you what a real flame is. Amaterasu!
Madara tries to sent the black flames at Sasuke, but he easily evades the attack.
Sasuke smiles: You think that you’re the only one who witnessed countless battles? You may have a bigger experience then mine, but i have the advantage.
Madara surprised: How so?
Sasuke starts dashing towards him: Because i know all your abilites and you don’t know any of mine!
Sasuke engages him in sword fighting. Madara holds his own and has multiple attempts to slash the young Uchiha, but Sasuke skillfully evades all the attacks.*
Madara: You cannot win! You will end up dead!
Sasuke jumps in the air and makes handsigns.
Sasuke: Fire release! Mystical demon!
From the ground emerges a fire golem that attacks Madara.
Madara: Impressive! But it’s not enough. Amaterasu!
The beast gets enveloped in black flames that consumes him instantly.
Sasuke lands on the ground and looks back at the Tsuchikage.
Sasuke: Tsuchikage…raise a tall wall of earth for me please.
Tsuchikage: Why should i do it?!?
Tsunade shouts: Just do it!
Tsuchikage makes the handsigns: Earth release! Skyscrapper!
A giant wall of earth emerges from the ground. There are flames everywhere, surrounding the battlefield.
Sasuke looks at Madara, and jumps on the giant wall.
Sasuke: Do you asked yourself…why i used so many fire based techniques?
Madara: No i haven’t. I didn’t consider it relevant.
Sasuke with a menacing voice: Well…you should have…i was preparing this moment, by heating up the atmosphere.
Suddenly Madara spots large storm clouds in the sky.
Sasuke: I don’t need my chakra to eliminate you. All i need it’s the power of the nature.
Madara smiles: What do you think you can do? Strike me with a lightning?
Sasuke whisppering: That’s exactly what’s going to happen…
Lightnings are seen around them, as Sasuke raises his right hand towards the sky. The hand is covered in a chidori.
Sasuke: Go with the thunder…KIRIN!!!!
A large lightning shaped as a beast descends from the sky hitting Madara’s spot instantly.
Gaara thinking: What power!!
Tsunade looks at him shocked: So this is the power of Uchiha Sasuke…
Sasuke lands on the ground. The smoke and dust at the spot where was Madara clears up.
Tsunade tries to come to Sasuke.
Sasuke: Stay behind. It’s not over yet. He is not dead.
Tsunade: He was also an Edo Tensei! But he used some sort of ability called Izanami to revive himself!
Sasuke thinking: Madara…he used Izanami…so it means that his body has limitations right now…also..
Suddenly a laugh it’s heared.
Madara appears from the smoke surrounded by the Susano’o. His clothes were destroyed.
Madara: Impressive display of power brat! But you still have a long way to go before you can kill me. As i told you…a regular Sharingan user is no match for me.
Sasuke smiles: Then…why don’t I became a match?
Madara shocked: What the…
Sasuke: Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan!
The panel It’s focused on Sasuke’s EMS eyes. Then it’s shows his fully formed Susano’o behind him. Sasuke has a menacing posture.
Madara: You lied! But how?!?
Sasuke: That’s for me to know and for you to wonder! Let’s end this Uchiha Madara!
Madara quickly makes a couple of handsigns and looks up, as several small meteors descends towards Sasuke. Sasuke looks at them and destroyes the meteors with arrows from his Susano’o.
In the next instant Madara appears in front of him and tries to slash him, but Sasuke dodges the attack and sends an arrow at Madara. Madara quickly activates his Rinnegan and uses Shinra Tensei to stop it.
Madara: You thought that you were the only one who has an ace? It’s interesting that you also have the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, but the Rinnegan overcomes that!
Sasuke smiles: You just revealed so many openings, by activating those eyes.
Madara: What the…
The next panel shows Sasuke being actually behind Madara. The next panel shows their entire bodies. Sasuke impaled Madara in the chest from behind, with a sword covered in Amaterasu flames.
Sasuke: Uchiha Madara…you have lost.
Madara coughing blood: But..how!?!
Sasuke: Genjutsu…the moment you activated the Rinnegan i used the opportunity to cast a genjutsu on you. I already confirmed that i can do it when i lied about not having an EMS. You were in a genjutsu back then. It was a small one, but enough to kill you.
Madara smiles: You are indeed a powerful Uchiha. I a few years you could easily surpass me…Uchiha Sasuke…i will remember this name. But for now…i will have to say goodbye…until next time, Uchiha Sasuke…
Madara makes a handsign and he slowly vanishes from their sight.
Tsunade lands near Sasuke.
Tsunade: You killed him?!?
Sasuke: No…he escaped this time…
Tsunade: Why did you helped us?
Sasuke: Because…that’s what my brother wanted me to do.

Sasuke’s flashback.

Itachi: Farewell…Izanami!!!
Sasuke has a shocked face because he understood what Itachi meant, when he said that he will lose the light in both of his eyes. That he will use Izanami to decide his fate…
Sasuke shouts: No brother! Don’t do it!
But it’s too late…Itachi already used it and decided Sasuke’s fate.*
Sasuke falls down to his knees crying.

Back to reality.

Tsunade: Itachi?!?
Sasuke smiles: Yeah…we need to talk Hokage. And fast.
Tsunade: About your crimes! We really need to!
Sasuke: No…it’s not the moment. We need to talk about Tobi!*
Tsunade: Tobi?!? Naruto is currently fighting him.
Sasuke: We need to get there fast!*
Tsunade: Why?!?
Sasuke with a determined look: Because i know who he really is!

The end.
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Old 04-10-2012, 11:46 AM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

Ha nice prediction although I highyl doubt the manga will head anywhere near that direction any time soon, but that was a great read I truly enjoyed that. Hats off to the one who came up with it.
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Old 04-10-2012, 01:30 PM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

Haven't read the mondo prediction by chaouki2013 as I'm feeling sleepy

I reckon that there'll be Izanami discussion followed by activation at the end of the chapter. Or a switch of focus so we don't get to see it for ages!
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Old 04-10-2012, 04:55 PM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

 Spoiler: click to show

Nice predictions even tho it wasn't yours, the n°1 one may turn out as the chapter, as for the next one it 10% it may go well as the chapter.

try and make your own predictions.
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Default Re: Chapter 582

Wow... that was interesting. I was litteraly on the edge of my seat. How cool would that be? While i was reading it, I was thinking to myself... Kishi should really go this rout. It would look amazing, and it ties well with the story. I'm very impressed right now. thumbs up on this one.
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Old 04-10-2012, 08:29 PM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

i agree with you all that it was a good prediction and i feel it would be a great way to gio, but i feel that there will be more to it. plus, i would like to know who tobi is for real. cause he knows to much and he almost seem as if almost everyone was correct back in the day. it could be his brother. cause we still really do not sure what happened to him and from watching the anime. it seem as if the 1st hokage is still alive some way, but is in some kind of coma. plus, i would like to know how are they going to kill tobi. there is still a lot of question that needs to be asked to me, but i am enjoying it alone the way.
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Old 04-10-2012, 09:57 PM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

Reality to illusion and illusion to reality.

Dubious to say the least. I thought Izanagi could do both so I don't know about Izanami blending imagination and reality.

Nice bit of fanfic/prediction though lots of work gone in to it.

I want to see the old guard die, Tsunade and Onoki at least. And either Gai or Lee have to open up the 8th gate as well. Probs to finish off a major villain.
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Old 04-11-2012, 02:43 AM
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Default Re: Chapter 582

Those predictions had faster pace and more action than the real stuff. Thanks for a great read.
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