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Intermittent Writings

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Old 04-12-2012, 04:07 AM
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Default Intermittent Writings

Writing is a way of expressing yourself through words and being able to visually imagine what one reads and gain your own interpretation of what you just read.
Writing expresses the words in your heart which you cannot simply draw to life, you must write them.
As a writer, I myself have spent quite a lot of time depicting various scenarios of life, all which have to go with growing up, finding who you are, fighting for a cause, saving someone's life, and topics along those lines.
All the pieces I will share have a significant value to me, and I have taken time to write these through. In no way do I consider myself to be a genius at writing, but I do try my best, and I want to be able to share my pieces with you. Feel free to give me your critique if you liked it or not, I shan't get offended with whatever it is you have to say;
Thanks for taking the time to read them! I do hope you enjoy them(:

~Misuzu Sakagami


This World We Were Born In
The world has not declared its end yet.

I was always afraid; afraid of what would happen if I spoke out, and I knew I wasn't the only one. Born to a father who could care less of the well being of his people, it made me indignant to watch the way he ruled over the citizens of our kingdom. His cowardice from deep inside disgusted me, everything about him made me regret being born to such a man. But, strangely enough, I did nothing about it, and watched as he killed and punished countless innocent people. My mother and sister, as frightened as I was to speak out also did nothing of the senseless punishments my father gave to our people. That's the kind of world we were born in; a world where we were to stay silent.
Up until the time I had turned 21, my world consisted of my room and the entire Palace I lived in. I wasn't ever allowed to leave, much less talk to the outside world. It was as if I was confined to the four walls around me, never getting to see the outside. I felt like a prisoner in my home, and a stranger to my own Kingdom. When I did go out, I was to wear a white cloak and conceal my face from the city people. I was told that if I looked upon the eyes of a non noble, I would turn to stone. That of course, was something I figured was pure superstition.
All my life, I had spent it hiding away, like a coward. Afraid to speak, afraid of my father's actions, afraid of so many things. It infuriated me whenever I thought of it; why didn't I do anything? Why was I so afraid? If I did something, perhaps I could save the lives of countless people. Was it because I wanted to gain the trust of my father, and perhaps change his ways? I was not exactly sure what I wanted, and how I wanted to go about. Again, I hid away in the darkness.

“Take this man to the dungeons. I have no further use for his idiocy. The mere sight of him breathing disgusts me. Take him away!”
my father, King Larkeious, ordered the guards, who had a man held down before my father on his knees. I saw the man turn his head up and look into my eyes, as if crying out to me to save him. For a second, I could see my own cowardly reflection upon his eyes, but I turned away, not knowing what I could possibly do to salvage his life. I heard the man screaming as he was taken out of the throne room. His screaming alarmed me, an unpleasant tune to the ears. I turned towards my father, who simply stayed quiet, sitting upon his chair. I stood up, and was ready to depart the room, when my father called out to me in his rough tone of voice.
“Prince Lark, I have scheduled several meetings with the high council for this week. You are to attend each meeting, and make sure you know everything which will be mentioned. It is important for you to learn how to run this kingdom, if I shall ever perish. Do you understand?”
my father asked me. I turned to look back at my father, and obeyed his orders.
“Yes, father. I will attend.”
I replied in a respectful tone. I saw him nod his head and look above the throne room, to a window which opened up to the sky above us.
“I have also started to make preparations for your Prince Commencement Ceremony. I took the liberty of asking Alecia to call upon all the surrounding kingdoms near Vangard, and inform all the princesses eligible to become your wife about it. The date will be on September 20th, so I do expect you to prepare yourself. At the age of 21, you are of age to be betrothed and someday take Vangard for your own, so choose wisely who you marry. Do not pick someone like your mother, who does not appreciate you and your hard labor. Such a shame this family's name would be if you did.”
My father eyed me and suddenly looked away.
“You are dismissed.”
he told me in a quiet voice. What was he saying? I always knew he did not appreciate mother as I did, and it was such a shame to hear it from his own mouth.
“Thank you, Father.”
I responded. I turned towards the exit and saw Alecia, my father's personal adviser, walk into the throne room. I wasn't surprised; the women followed my father everywhere he went, even meddling in his own personal affairs. I simply walked past her, not eying her whatsoever.

“Prince Commencement Ceremony? How awful! I wouldn't want to have one of those. Such a shame for you brother. You are to be wed to someone whom you aren't even in love with. It will be like in the old times, when you were forced to marry someone for the interest of your Kingdom. Oh, how I hope you do not get someone ugly.”
my younger sister, Adicia, replied after I mentioned what my father had told me. Adicia was naïve and younger than I was. She was only 15, and would have her own commencement ceremony at the age of 18. Soon she would know of everything that came with being married, and I was not one to judge her on her picking of husband.
“Don't be silly, Adicia. A Prince Commencement Ceremony is a ceremony in which I have the liberty to choose among the young ladies that gather here. Princess from other kingdoms, as well as qualified maidens from Vangard are allowed to go. Subsequently, I have the freedom to choose whichever I would like, and if I do not find one of my liking, I do not have to choose one. Therefore, your view on the Ceremony is completely irrational.”
I explained to her. She blinked and looked at me with a face of misunderstanding. I sighed and turned to look outside my bedroom window. Vangard, the Kingdom in which I lived in looked a bit more lively than usual; I wondered why.
“Prince Lark? Are you in here?”
A voice called out from behind my door.
“Yes, Meria. I'm in here...”
I answered her. Meria, my personal adviser walked into my bedroom, which at the same time Adicia left, scurrying out.
“Your highness, your father informed me of a few things he wants me to let you know.”
Meria fixed her glasses on her head. She had light pink lip stick on and her eyes were shinier than ever. She seemed a little more radiant than before, which was a surprise to me. It was as if everything seemed a little more colorful than usual. A smile spread across my face as I heard everything Meria informed me of.
“That's a rare surprise. I guess it is because I am finally an adult in the eyes of my father. Thank you, Meria. I will make sure to take advantage of the things you mentioned.”
I nodded and looked back outside the window. Perhaps a chance to change was finally coming my way.
“I really hope you do. I want you to get to know this Kingdom, since you've practically spent 21 years of your life away from the whole kingdom. I think it's time you finally got to go around the whole Kingdom, and really get a feel for things, don't you agree?”
she asked me, as if I didn't already know. I watched as the modern world before me began to unfold at that instant. The world was brimming with so many possibilities, so many chance encounters waiting to happen. I turned to look at Meria.
“I want to go out to the Cherry Blossom Festival and see the rural areas of Vangard.”
I told her. She blinked and looked at me with a look of disbelief.
“A day after you turn 21 and you are already anxious to leave this Palace? I don't blame you. I would do the same. I remember when I was 21. Of course, I wasn't a noble or close to one, but I do remember all the trouble I got myself into. Not that I'm saying you'll get into trouble. Oh, never mind. Very well, get dressed and I shall escort you.”
She nodded and left my bedroom with smile which I had never noticed before. Things were taking a great turn, in my opinion.

~ Mayuri's Daughter • Ex Leaf Village Jounin • Wandering Shinobi ~
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