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☼Anime Recommendation Please!☼

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Old 04-11-2012, 07:33 PM
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Default ☼Anime Recommendation Please!☼

"I'm pretty bored."

This thread is supposed to kill boredom by posting
1 Anime Series'- Name
with a short explanation what's COOL about it and WHY ppl should WATCH it.

except Naruto.
can be new stuff or old stuff till unknown stuff.
= ALL STUFF. but "Anime"

Please ♥

<---------------------------------------------- for the lazy ones:

anime name:
episodes (ongoing/finished?) :
what's cool:
special notice:
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Old 06-30-2012, 11:44 PM
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Default Re: ☼Anime Recommendation Please!☼

Well, it depends on what kind of anime you like I guess. If you like action and all that stuff you might not like the romance animes. If you like the romance anime then you might not like action. Though I'm going to assume you like both, like me.

anime name: Bleach
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : Alot!! Still going
genre: Shounen
what's cool: The main character Ichigo Kurosaki. It's cool because it has two worlds. One the human world and another the spritual world, so sometimes I like believing it can happen in really life. Also if the first arc is really boring to you, then try going to the Soul Society Arc. That is where a lot of cool characters are introduced.
special notice: It is the second best anime next to Naruto.

anime name: Soul Eater
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : Not too sure. It's finished.
genre: Shounen
what's cool: The main fighter is a girl and her name is Maka and she is a total bookworm who aces all of her exams and has a hard time trusting people. Then there is her partner Soul. He is a "cool" character. He is very laid back kind of character and really funny!! This is an anime about Weapon/Meister people fighting.
special notice: This has some good humor.

anime name: Fairy Tail
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : ongoing??
genre: shounen
what's cool: This is about things called guilds, the anime is called Fairy Tail because the main character are part of that guild. These characters use different types of magic to fight. In the first episode you meet Lucy. She uses keys to open portals to use other people's powers. Then she runs into another main character named Natsu. He uses fire magic to fight.
special notice: Natsu's character reminds me a lot of Naruto''s type of character.

anime name: Full Metal Alchemist
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : ??? It's finished on the Japanese side, but still going in English.
genre: Shounen
what's cool: This is about two brothers that tried to resurrect their mother using Alchemy. During that they one brother lost his whole body, and the eldest lost an arm and a leg. This is about them trying to find a way to get back to normal and even going as far as to join the military to do it.
special notice: If you like Ed's character you might like Bleach's Hitsugaya character. Also I like Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye's characters.

anime name: Skip Beat!
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : Anime is finished, but manga is still going on.
genre: shojo
what's cool: This girl tries to get her revenge on a childhood friend by becoming more famous than he is. She discovers her love for acting and meets some interesting friends on the way.
special notice: One of the best shojo animes

anime name: Kaikan Phrase
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : finished. 44 episodes
genre: shojo??
what's cool: This is about a band named Lucifer and how they make it to the top.
special notice: The manga is different from the anime. I personally think the manga is better, but the anime is still really good.

anime name: Special A
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : finished.
genre: shojo
what's cool: This is about a girl who works harder then anybody else and never got beat at wrestling until she meets this boy. He beats her like nothing. This anime is all about how she is trying to beat her "rival"
special notice: Think the manga is longer.

anime name: Fruits Basket
episodes (ongoing/finished?) : finished
genre: shojo
what's cool: This is about a girl named Tohru Honda. Her mother died when she was young and her grandfather moved away, because they were remodeling the house. She says she has people to stay with, but she lied so she lives outside. Then one day she discovers that she lives in the backyard of the "Prince" of the school. His family takes her in and lets her live there. Although when she hugs the boy he turns into a rat. This is because he has what they call the Zodiac Curse.
special notice: Learn a lot about the history of the Zodiac.

Hope I cured your boredom!!!

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